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Introducing Connor's Canine Poop Bags - the perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep their surroundings clean and green. These bags are made of biodegradable material that decomposes quickly, without harming the environment. With an extra-long design, they make picking up after your dog super easy and convenient. The bags are also scented, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance that masks any unpleasant odors. With Connor's Canine Poop Bags, you can trust that you're using a strong, dependable, and eco-friendly product.

Connors Canine Poop Bags

Price Options
One-time purchase
Dog Poop Bags
$8.00every month until canceled
  • The strong material makes for a dependable and environmentally friendly clean up.  Connor's Canine Poop Bags are Biodegradable and come in a box of 15 rolls and 15 bags to each roll.

  • All shipping is ground shipping (5 - 7 days) for all orders that are not local to NYC.

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