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Hello friends and fellow dog lovers!
We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support in making a Connor's dream come true. We need your help to bring a Connor's Canine Cookies Treat Truck to life.  Our mission is to provide delicious and nutritious treats to dogs across the community, and with the help of a Treat Truck, we can take our mission to the next level!
About Us:
We are a passionate team of animal lovers, led by Connor, a talented young entrepreneur with a deep love for dogs.  Connor realized there was a gap in the market for healthy and natural dog treats, so he started baking his own. Word spread quickly, and soon he was inundated with requests from friends, family, and neighbors, all wanting a taste of his delicious creations.  That's when Connor's Canine Cookies was born!
Our Mission:
Connor's Canine Cookies is dedicated to producing handcrafted, and nutritious dog treats that dogs go absolutely bonkers for.  We firmly believe that our four-legged friends deserve only the best when it comes to their health and well-being. Our treats are made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love – no artificial flavors or fillers. With each batch, we aim to keep tails wagging and doggie smiles shining!
The Treat Truck Adventure:
To further our mission and reach even more furry friends, we want to take our show on the road.  Having a treat truck will allow us to attend local farmers’ markets, pet events, dog parks, and other community gatherings, spreading joy to dogs and their owners alike. We believe this will not only help grow our business but also create lasting memories for dogs and their humans as they enjoy our treats together.
How Can You Help?
Starting a food truck business requires significant financial investment, and that's why we need your help! The funds we raise will go towards the purchase, renovation, and outfitting of our very own Connor's Canine Cookies Treat Truck. This includes kitchen equipment, storage, branding, marketing, the necessary permits, and licenses needed to operate safely and legally.
Every donation, no matter how big or small, will bring us one step closer to realizing our dream.
We are truly grateful for any contribution you can make towards our campaign. Together, let's make this doggie dream come true!
Spread the Word:
Even if you're unable to donate, you can still be a tremendous support by sharing our campaign with your friends, family, and on social media platforms.  By spreading the word, we can reach even more people who share our passion for dogs and help bring Connor's Canine Cookies Treat Truck to life.
Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign, and for considering supporting our cause.  We cannot express enough how grateful we are for your kindness and generosity.  Together, let's bring smiles, tail wags, and lots of wag-worthy treats to dogs everywhere!


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